Born in 1957, Thomas Elliott attended Thomas Nelson College in Hampton, Virginia.  Thomas is a past Festival of the Arts exhibitor located in Laguna Beach, California.  He has been a San Clemente resident since 1981 and he considers Palm Springs, California to be his second home. He is a museum enthusiast and a member of the Palm Springs Art museum.


    In my artwork I explore limited colors and use them as if I had never seen them before.  Between the purest black and purest white, which are absolutes, I do everything I possibly can with the limited color choice.   I use pure black and white in areas to show off the limited color used to its fullest extent.  The black line work is done similar to how a child would pretend to do cursive writing. My artwork is created over time in short bursts of painting to not overwork or tire of the process.  My style is abstract expressionism using acrylic on canvas.  I have always painted abstracts, however now I am doing this work at my age because I have come into my own and feel as though I am able to completely express myself and put all I want into my works.

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