James Hill has been exhibiting art for over twenty five years.  In 1982, he received a Visual Arts Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, and in 1987 was the recipient of a Penny McCall Foundation Grant.  He has been involved in exhibitions both in the United States and Europe. He has had a number of solo exhibitions in New York City. James lives in San Clemente, California with his wife Diana.  They own an art studio space and create art there and at home.


    My assemblage/paintings are the result of my personal excavations; like an anthropologist, I search my surroundings for bits and pieces to put into my art. I do not personally adhere to the belief systems I juxtapose, but I do get voyeuristic pleasure from considering the intensity with which others believe. One of the main esoteric influences of my art is that of outsider artist Sister Gertrude Morgan, a black evangelist who died in New Orleans in 1980. Professing to be the bride of Christ she wore white garments and painted her house and everything in it white. I am particularly interested on paintings that rely on a palette of thickly applied primary colors contrasted against non-primary colors.

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