David’s approach to painting is unique. With no formal training he relies on trust, intuition and instinct. Each piece motivated by an intention to uplift and empower those that spend time with his art. David starts each piece by sitting, with eyes closed, along side the blank canvas, until the colors, shapes and designs begin to appear in his mind. From there he begins painting knowing each ensuing step will show itself as he moves and creates. By playing on the thin line between consciously choosing his brush strokes and being in a meditative state he is able to create multidimensional art pieces that naturally draw you into their depth.

    Each of his paintings couples with a poem that speaks to the energy or theme of the paintings. Together, they allow the viewer a brief escape into the painting’s world and a sense that they’ve been touched by something special. 10% of all sales goes towards supporting children with special needs.


    I’m inspired by the deeper levels and layers of the human being; the emotions, sensations and feelings going on beneath the surface. I believe that these deeper aspects of people is what drives their daily habits, routines and behaviors. I’ve spent many years diving into the depths of my own being and I draw on that depth and experience to create Paintings for the Soul. Paintings for the Soul are more than just beautiful pieces of abstract art. They’re multilayered paintings energized with an intention to heal and grow. Just as you’re multi-layered, so are these paintings.

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