Christian Wach was born in Newport Beach, California. At an early age Christian took to art by way of painting and sketching. Landing a professional surfing sponsorship as a teenager, Christian went on to travel the world extensively and experience many unfamiliar destinations such as Russia, the Faroe Islands, Sardinia, Norway, Morocco and China, just to name a few. These travels, teamed with his appreciation of Mid-Century design, were to become the inspiration for his art. Influenced by the designers of the 1950s like Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson, Christian has developed a distinct style using layers of resin combined with bold colors and hard lines. His work possesses both energy and vigor that is both uplifting and tranquil at the same time.


    I’d like to think I have some explanation for all this relentless creation, but to put it in simple words, it makes me happy. Hopefully others enjoy it too.

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