In Andy Horn’s San Clemente studio, a confluence of the aesthetic of fine art are brought together with the everyday world of fine art. He has shown his work at Whittier College, Rio Honda College, Cal Poly Pamona, Santa Fe Springs Civic Center and various art associations. After studying the fine arts in Whittier, he moved to San Clemente in 1978. Putting buildings together and a lifetime spent in the ocean have had a direct influence on his constructions.


    Using color, shapes, movement, and space both two dimensional and three dimensional I put my life experiences and the reality we live into fragments arranged and rearranged like paragraphs in an unfinished novel. The emotional response evoked by what our eyes see but our minds struggle to find words for, are put into visual poems or adventures. They appear as details of something bigger, growing as they are joined together, yet still retain a sense of incompleteness. Kinetic applications to the surface of the work result in a finished – unfinished format.

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