Born in Argentina, Alejandro has resided in Hawaii for the last ten years.  Since 1998, his abstract art has appeared in several group and solo exhibitions in the USA. Recent events include repeat Artist in Residence at the Four Season’s Resort at Wailea, multiple Jury Exhibitions at the Schaefer International Gallery, HiArt Gallery (New York), a number of exhibitions at Paia Contemporary Gallery and other Hawaii Galleries.


    Living and painting by the ocean is a constant reminder of how people and nature have unintentionally partnered to create art.  Rusting metal, peeling paint, colors on random surfaces are faded and transformed by the weather, while the changing sunlight marks its permanent glaze upon them all. I am intrigued by color interaction theories, and equally as relevant in my work, is the blend of left and right brain regarding composition, medium and color. Knowledge and experience, and their pivotal balance is key throughout the construction stages. Though color is the highlight of my abstract paintings, other elements are in close watch. My minimalist paintings are free of texture and lines straight without variation, while the more spontaneous and freehand pieces favors thick and textured mixed media. Overall, experimentation is the most rewarding facet. Walking through trial and error fields surprises me with the unexpected. Rules are broken for the sake of encouraging the new, and a more personal stream guides my work.

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