July 7, 2017: Artist in Our Collection – Abstract Pioneer, Wassily Kandinsky Triumphs at Sotheby’s Auction

At OC Contemporary Gallery, we are proud to display this original Kandinsky piece. One of his untitled works from the 1920’s, it represents his lyrical style and innovative theories on nonfigurative art. What makes the piece even more special is Kandinsky’s latest triumph. Three of his impressionist, modern pieces recently accounted for 43% of sales at a Sotheby’s auction in London, for a total of $161.3 million, breaking two records. For pricing information on our Kandinsky piece, please inquire via email or at the Gallery, where it can be viewed up close.

Wassily Kandinsky (b. December 4, 1866) was a Russian artist whose vibrant abstract paintings pioneered Non-Objective Art. Kandinsky often discussed painting in musical terms, with several of his most famous works titled using the terminology, including Improvisation 28 (1912) and Composition VII (1913). “Color directly influences the soul. Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings,” he stated in his book Concerning the Spiritual in Art (1911).


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