The OC Contemporary Gallery, a bold new premier fine art gallery located in San Clemente, California right in the heart of the up and coming North Beach area. This beautiful area is a great part of the city with an artistic atmosphere, and we are very excited to be here.

The gallery serves multiple purposes by providing a much needed venue in the city to enjoy and procure art, getting the very talented local artists the visibility they deserve, and serving as a studio. The architecture and the exquisite outdoor patio area will serve as a venue space for holding events showcasing artists, as well as a place for private and corporate events.

The gallery features an Andy Warhol room and a ‘Modern Masters’ room with works of the likes of Jackson Pollock, Norman Rockwell, Keith Haring, and Wassily Kandinksy.  Two other areas are dedicated to photography and street art.

We value our local up and coming artists and we feature their works prominently throughout our gallery. If you’re looking for something new for your collection no matter the genre, we have pieces for you.

We are excited to see what the future holds for the gallery and the community.

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